Candle & Cloche by La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie is a Parisian tale. It is a story enflamed in fire and molten glass dating centuries back to the family-owned and operated enterprise. Building on their own history and the tradition of glasswork, La Soufflerie presents heritage collections of glassware from tableware to flower vases and unique objects.

H.P.F, Christopher exclusively carries the newest item by La Soufflerie verre palais and cloche candle. The long-burning soy candles are unassumingly exquisite housed in glass vessel. The unscented and classic design style is testament to age-old simplicity attributing value in material and method rather than artifice.

The candle and cloche rest easily on a kitchen counter-top, bedroom dresser, or living room coffee table. Once the soy candle is exhausted, the glass makes the perfect vessel, whether it be votive candle holder, small storage container, or even drinking cup. 

Please visit the online vitrine of La Soufflerie at their new website. And follow their handblown world on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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