H.P.F, CHRISTOPHER is a jewelry and home goods boutique located in the West Village of New York City.

The boutique is outfitted for the wanderlust traveler. Whether Paris today or Tokyo tomorrow, H.P.F, CHRISTOPHER purveys a selection of unique designer made goods to be cherished at home and abroad. From fine jewelry to hand crafted flower vases, the boutique reflects on an edited collection of everyday indulgences.

H.P.F, CHRISTOPHER is how people live.


98 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014 [ MAP ]

T: 212 807 0140

Shop Hours
Monday - 12pm – 7pm
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 12pm – 7pm
Thursday - 12pm – 7pm
Friday - 12pm – 7pm
Saturday - 12pm – 7pm
Sunday - 12pm – 6pm

For other times, please contact us hpfchristopher@hpgrp.com to make an appointment.


About H.P.F,

H.P. FRANCE ( H.P.F, ) is how people live. Based on the concept of "alternative," the company develops projects within four pillars of business: fashion, lifestyle, art, and public relations. H.P. France is a global company operating in Tokyo, Paris, and New York City working in industries from fashion and interior to event/marketing services, and publishing.


H.P.F, Japan Official Website: http://www.hpgrp.com/En/