Alex Monroe - Entwined Vines Ring

Alex Monroe-ppr35-18y-Entwined-Ring.jpg
Alex Monroe-ppr35-18y-Entwined-Ring.jpg

Alex Monroe - Entwined Vines Ring


Wild rose vines with a natural texture wrap around to form a solid 18k band.

Product Style
18k Yellow Gold
Made in England
Size: 6
Dimensions:  2mm
**All sizes available for order. Please contact us at or call 1 212 807 0140

About Alex Monroe
Alex Monroe grew up in the English countryside surrounded by nature. His passion for the natural world and fondness for the unique eccentricities of Englishness inspire the collection. Following a lifetime fascination with the intricacies of making things, each piece is designed and handmade in England ensuring superb craftsmanship.

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