Bellocq - No. 128, Mulling Spices

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Bellocq - No. 128, Mulling Spices


nspired by the the travels of ancient spice caravans, and the alluring scents and flavors of their exotic goods, an exotic blend of bark, roots, spices and blossoms to infuse cider, wine, spirits and syrups. A marvelous infusion for poaching fresh or dried fruits destined for tender fruit cakes, bread puddings, or an artisan cheese board. 

Cinnamon, star anise, ginger, cardamon, clove, orange peel, allspice, vanilla, mace, black pepper and rose petals.

Brewing Suggestions:
Gently simmer 1-2 tablespoons mulling spices per 8 ounces of your favorite cider, wine, spirits or syrup until fragrant, about 20 minutes. 

net. wt 4oz/114g

About Bellocq
Bellocq Tea Atelier is the Brooklyn-based tea company, specializing in hand-blended and single estate teas. Based in their atelier in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, the tea-maker duo Heidi Stewart and Michael Shannon travel the world to source the very best tea leaves and ingredients for their signature blends. 

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