Masanobu Ando - Tall Tea Bowl


Masanobu Ando - Tall Tea Bowl


Humbly crafted in hand-shaped forms, the tall tea bowl incorporates irregularities and imperfections. 

Product Style
Metallic Glazed Earthenware
Made in Japan
Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.5"

Hand-wash Only

The tea bowl is designed to patina over time. Due to the overglaze, it is not recommended for repeated exposure to hot liquids. .

About Masanobu Ando

Masanobu Ando embodies the tradition of Japanese earthenware pottery in the Zen Buddhist philosophy and refined aesthetic of wabi-sabi. Established in a hundred-year-old farmhouse in the Gifu Prefecture, Ando aims to unearth traditional Japanese pottery and reconnect it to contemporary life and society.

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