La Soufflerie - Verre de Vin Rouge

La Soufflerie -Red-Wine-Glass-74D17-14D17.jpg
La Soufflerie -Red-Wine-Glass-74D17-14D17.jpg

La Soufflerie - Verre de Vin Rouge


Full shape with a slightly curved finish. Hand blown glass details with a slight aqua tint. For room temperature to cold liquids.

Product Style
Recycled Glass
Made In France
Dimensions: 14cm H
*Varies slightly as each piece is handblown. Not for boiling or hot liquid.

About La Soufflerie
La Soufflerie is a Parisian tale. The story is enflamed in fire and molten glassー dating back centuries to the family-owned and operated company. Building on their own history and the tradition of glassblowing, La Soufflerie crafts heritage collections of flower vases, tableware, and unique objectsー all individually handblown from recycled glass in France.

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