Serge Thoraval - Elements Bracelet

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Serge Thoraval - Elements Bracelet

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Air, water, earth…..elements of our galaxy float freely on solid silver chain link. Hand finished and hand engraved, each piece is unique.

Product Style
Sterling Silver, Crystal
Made in France
Dimensions: Necklace: 39cm L, Bracelet: size S- M

About Serge Thoraval
Serge Thoraval was born in Paris near the garden of Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre. After creating jewelry for fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent, Sonia Rykiel, and Lanvin, the designer established his own studio in 1995 to present etched pieces that adopted tattoo-like quality in their permanence and meaning. The strength of Serge Thoraval lies in the poetic and intimate universe within a simple piece of engraved silver and gold.

A unique shape that is not unique is characteristic. Because it is a thick chain, it is also recommended for men.

This is deployment with directly managed stores, HPF, MALL only.

Since SERGE THORAVAL's accessories cherish the texture, some scratches and distortions are dare to be learned.
Material is SILVER 925 Silver, GOLD is 18K coating on bronze.
SILVER's accessories, diamond stamps are approved by Silver 925.
If you patronize for a long time, the color of the stamp will become thinner, GOLD will calm down color.
Black ink stamping, 18K re-coating (charged) is possible.
We deal in at handling stores. For details, please contact us.

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Designer is Serge Traval from Paris.
He began making jewelry on his own, starting his own brand after collaborating with many famous brands.
Jewelry engraved with messages on Sterling silver and gold caught people's heart and began to spread all over the world in 1999, due to traffic accidents. Afterwards it will be handed over by partner Genevieve.
Twenty years after the brand was founded in 2014, his son Rock Traval joined the atelier and started a new start.

Country of Origin: France

Material: Silver 925

Size: Takeshi Tamotsu

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