Ante Vojnovic - Bougie Candle


Ante Vojnovic - Bougie Candle


Product Style
Made In Japan
Wax Candle
Aluminum Base
20-Hour Burn Time
2.3" x 3.9"

Note: Place candle on heat-resistance surface when burning.

About Ante Vojnovic
Ante Vojnovic is the French-born artist and designer that began his career in 1975 in Paris. Years later exhibitions across the world in Zurich, London, Tokyo, and New York, the artist has settled in Japan creating new work in solitude. Vojnovic explains, "The report of excess, nonsense, madness interests me. The neutral annoys me. I love to face the principles, to extract me from the steps of the world. I realied that I am a mystic. I cultivate nothing. The necessity for solitude is a risk of misanthropy."

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